Monday, December 17, 2012

ACER Netbook: Christmas Gift from Me, Myself and I

It's not every year that I buy something for myself especially during Christmas. Previously, I make a list of all the people that I wanted to give gifts to and from there, draft my budget. This year, I decided to change that habit and so just last week, I bought an ACER Aspire One Netbook.

It took almost 2 months of contemplation of choosing between a Netbook and Sansung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1. I would have chosen the latter if looking for a keyboard dock was as easy as 123. I've been going back to Samsung Shops for weeks asking as to when there would be an available Keyboard Dock but they can't give me a specific date. So I ended up with an ACER Netbook.

True enough, I didn't have any regrets :) This Dual Core Netbook works faster than my sissy's Sony VAIO laptop and it's 3 times cheaper than what she's got. Yahooo! hehe :) I was also happy when the Customer Service Rep told me that with the price he quoted, I get to have free Optical Mouse and Headset. Not bad, right?

As of this writing, I am using this ACER netbook and I love it! 

How about you? What Christmas gift have you bought for yourself? 


Sasha said...

Hi Jackie!

I wonder how much did you spend for your netbook? I am also thinking of getting a new netbook as an alternate to the laptop I am currently using :)


Jackie Yunun said...

Hi Sasha dearie!

They were on promo when I bought this. It only costs me around P14500. I bought it from Octagon, SM Pampanga. I've checked on all of the Computer Stores from 3 malls here in Pampanga and so far, they have the best price. On that same day, I checked it at SM Appliance, and it was priced at around 20K! lols. No regrets. This netbook works faster than my sissy's Sony Laptop, even if I have 4 sites simultaneously opened :) Btw, the prices at Octagon are the same for using straight CC payments and cash. Unlike with other stores where they charge additional bucks when you use your CC. Hope this helps :)

Sasha said...

Thanks for the reply, Jackie! I'm thinking of getting one by the end of the month. I checked and it's in the P16K price bracket. Still affordable considering it's an Acer netbook.

Thanks again! ;)

Jackie Yunun said...

You are most welcome. Btw before buying, ask them if the netbook comes with freebies (optical drive, headset..) **sayang din**. At least, you don't have to buy those anymore. hehe.