Monday, September 22, 2014

Business Venture: Personalized Quality Towels with Free Name

“BER” months have started! If you've been thinking for a perfect gift to give, search no more! Let (Facebook) PERFECT THREAD EMBROIDERY (also Jackie EmbroideryShop) help you provide the PERFECT holiday and all occasion gifts for your loved ones. 

Give the SPECIAL people on your list presents that are affordable, good quality, personalized and useful all year round! 

These are also great for Weddings, Giveaways, Birthdays, Monthsaries / Anniversaries, Christenings, Company giveaways, Tokens, Sports Team, Gym mates, Baby and Bridal Showers, Couples and a lot more!

Top to Bottom, First 3 towels: 

1. Light Yellow towel with Golden yellow to Brown checkered design.

2. White towel with Light to Dark Brown checkered design.

3. White towel with Light to Dark Grey checkered design (best sellers for men).

Light Yellow towel with Golden yellow to Brown checkered design.


1. White towel with Light to Dark Grey checkered design (best sellers for men).

2. Light Yellow towel with Golden yellow to Brown checkered design.

3. White towel with Light to Dark Brown checkered design.

Premium Quality towels at very Affordable Prices compared with other sellers.

We have our OWN Computerized Machine to ensure that your names are carefully embroidered on the towels and we are able to deliver our consumers' orders ASAP.

Sample patch / order from one of our Consumers / Clients.


Each Towel Costs P380, EXcliusive of Shipping Fee

·         TOWEL: Pick the color of your choice - White or Light Yellow (see photos above). Bath Towel Size: 27 x 52, made of finest and quality materials & 100% cotton.         

·         Free COMPUTERIZED EMBROIDERY NAME! Include the *NAME that you would like us to embroider and we’ll take care of the thread color. (Suggestions for COUPLES: His / Her, Mr / Mrs, Handsome / Pretty, Groom / Bride. *One NAME per towel)

·         Consumers will shoulder shipping fee BUT we give discounts for BULK orders J

·         PAYMENTS accepted: Banks via BPI or Security Bank, Western Union, Cebuana and LBC. We are open to suggestions regarding other payment methods convenient to our consumers.  

·         After payment, pls send me a TEXT message at 09062641518 or 09192491083 (Include: Mode of payment, date, transaction number if applicable and amount). You should receive a Confirmation once payment has been verified.

·         Wait for the item(s) to be delivered to your doorstep :)

Facebook: Jackie Perfect Thread , Perfect Thread Embroidery Shop
Instagram: JackieEmbroideryShop

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Patar White Sand Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

After enjoying the view and water at Enchanted Cave, we decided to continue our "tampisaw session" in Patar White Sand Beach. It's just few kilometers away from Enchanted Cave, just drive straight ahead towards the end and you'll see another God's masterpiece. There's slim chances of you getting lost since there are signs everywhere :)
The best about Patar Beach is that visitors do not need to pay an entrance fee. The beach alone is for everybody to swim and enjoy. However, there are still miscellaneous fees that are being collected.

Parking fee:  P40 pesos (prices vary for shuttles, cars, buses, etc...)
Cottage: P200 to P500 (this is the time to use your best haggling skills!)
Comfort Rooms: P5 and P10 (price depends on what you intend to do; urinating, shower, etc)
Although some of the locals sell and cook food but for a substantial amount, I still recommend that you bring your own food especially if you are a picky eater. Bring also your snorkeling gears as well as your surfing board because you'll enjoy mingling with the fishes under the clear water as well as hugging the colossal waves especially in the late afternoon.

My one and only nephew with my brother, both enjoying the waters

I can say with conviction that the magnificent beaches in Boracay and Palawan are on par with Patar. I'm overwhelmed that my nephew was able to visit this place without commercialization invading it yet. The place was not yet developed or should I say exploited.

 My nephew with my sister-in-law

For those of you who would like to visit Patar this Summer, below are map guides for your reference.
photo credit:


Enjoy your summer everyone!


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Summer Getaway 2014: Enchanted Cave, Patar (Part 2)

My grandparents flew from California a few weeks ago to check on some things here in the Philippines. It was just a very short 2 week vacation so we decided to bring them on their second week to a place that at least one of us have been to so they can chill and relax. 

My family and I thought that Bolinao is the best place. I booked a room reservation at Rock Garden within the week to make sure that we have a place to stay. I will tell more about this on my next posts. For an overnight stay, we were able to visit Enchanted Cave and Patar White Sand Beach Resort.

I've been here last February 15 as part of a Valentine celebration. But since it was just a whole day lakwatsa, we were not able to stay longer and swim. I promised myself that when I get back, I won't miss anymore the chance of taking a dip in the crsytal water.

We were here on a very humid Sunday morning. We decided to tour around a bit and went "down" to the cave. Although there were a couple of groups in the cave, only few decided to swim. 
My family, grandparents, friends and Manang (our household help)

Going down the cave was no joke. Although the steps were cemented stairs, I find it too steep.
The cave doesn't seem interesting or attractive....not until you see THIS......

Super Crystal Clear Water!!! The rope that you see is tied from each ends of the cave in such way that you can hold to it when trying to transfer from one part of the water to the other.

The green and greyish color that you see at the bottom are corals and stones. It's is better to wear diving shoes or boots so you can easily step on them. But if you don't have one, you just need to be wary on where your foot lands to free yourself from scratches and cuts.

My 74 and 86 year old grandparents who are sooo groovy and don't look their age :)

Check on my previous post regarding fees and other tourist spots within Enchanted Cave here: Enchanted Cave, Patar, Bolinao 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Banahaw Heals Spa, Angeles City

Few weeks ago, I was invited to the soft opening of Banahaw Heals Spa in Angeles City together with other bloggers.  Banahaw Heals Spa is a franchise branch of the widest spa network in the country which started in Binan, Laguna. The spa focuses on the healing aspect of the massage and I was few of the first lucky people to try their signature 5 in 1 healing massage.
The very accommodating, Ms. Kim of Banahaw Heals Spa, Angeles City

A day before their grand opening, my mom and I had an appointment with them. The two of us were given the option to choose a complimentary service. Mom took advantage of the Relaxing Swedish Massage while Ms. Kim, suggested that I take advantage of their signature 5 in 1 healing massage.  On top of the complimentary massage, I opted to try the Netibo Healing too.

This is  Banahaw Heals Spa's facade.  The massage / treatment area is located on the right side of the reception, the one with the glass wall.
The therapists getting ready for our massage treatments

5 in 1 healing massage is Banahaw Spa's signature massage. It is a combination of Hilot, Shiatsu, Thai, Tuina and Swedish rolled into one. While most of us know what Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massages are, let me give you more information about Hilot and Tuina.

Hilot is an ancient Filipino art of healing, commonly used today to relax stressed muscles. Hilot employ chiropractic manipulation and massage for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoligamentous and musculoskeletal ailments.

Tuina on the other hand is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy. The therapist may brush, knead, roll/press, and rub the areas between each of the joints to get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles. These techniques are claimed to aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions. **credit to wikipedia
Although there are enough cubicles and massage plinths in the area, it is always better to make a reservation ahead of time just so you can free yourself from the queue.
 The relaxing massage plinth

After my signature massage and Netibo healing, can't wait to try their Ventusa Therapy next time. I have checked the rates on Facebook and I must admit that their prices are competitive and reasonable!

For all of those who are just within Pampanga area and would like to relax and try conventional healing massage, head on to Banahaw Heals Spa now. The place is easy to find since it is just along the highway. It also has spacious car park so it won't be a problem if you'll bring your own car :)

 For Reservations / Inquiries: 

2F Units 202-203, Casa Mitzi Bldg,

Sto. Rosario St. Brgy. Sto Domingo

(near Carmelite, in front of Villa Angela)
09156942300 . 09997768983

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bolinao Waterfalls

I was so busy for the past weeks that I was MIA (missing in action). I still like to share the other half of our Valentine Itinerary though. So to continue, after our tummy-filling brunch at Maxine By The Sea, taking an "educational" tour at Marine Laboratory in Alaminos and being amazed with the view in Enchanted Cave, we headed to Bolinao Waterfalls. 

I saw online how crystal clear the water in Bolinao Waterfalls is which is why I was ecstatic when I knew that it was included in our "to-go" place that day. I am not the "maarte" type BUT the road and road trip was one hell of a ride!

This is the not-so-rough road YET. Actually, it is the most manageable part of it. We are so thankful that we decided to use my XUV that day because a car will have a really hard time surviving the route. AND this is just the beginning of a long winding, bumpy and dusty road.

If only the local government will allocate a portion of its budget for the road repair and maintenance of the course going to Bolinao Waterfalls, this will be a good source of income because it will surely attract tourists; both foreign and locals. The water so far, is not yet polluted. Hope it stays that way forever. 

The river is so crystal clear; no doubt about it. But before reaching this piece of heaven, we walked a few flights of man-made stairs that by the time I was here, I was catching my breath and felt like my thigh muscles were "burning".

It was around 2 PM when we got here. This is the upper part of the river. There were a couple of crowds enjoying the waters. Someone (who did not even bother introducing himself) is collecting P10 peso for entrance/person. There are also cottages on the right side which you can rent for P100 on top of the entrance fee.

The water falling from the photo above goes into the one below. This is the "second part" of the falls which is a bit deeper that's why more adults opted to swim here.

There is really no definite track where you can cross going from one part of the falls to another. The only options you have are to either step on stones and man-made bamboo bridges or pass through the waters. This place is definitely not for diving or belly flopping :)


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Friday, February 28, 2014

Enchanted Cave, Patar Road, Bolinao

Included in the itinerary for the Valentine treat is Enchanted Cave. I personally requested that we drop by at this place because from it's name, I was literally enchanted just looking at the pictures online. When I was little and my dad was still around, we would go to at least 3 to 5 different beaches every year during summer. There were couple of times that we've been to Pangasinan but haven't visited this place. Well, I am not sure if this already exists then.

This is the road going to Enchanted Cave. From what I have observed, the mode of transportation here are mostly tricycles (three-wheeled vehicle) and of course, private vehicles. The latter is more convenient because the road, although not bumpy, is a bit "dusty".

You know you are on the right track once you see this signage along the road. You just have to make a turn and voila, the path to Enchanted Cave!

This is Enchanted Cave's spacious car park. We were so lucky that day because there were only 2 guests apart from us. The tour guide was able to narrate how Enchanted Cave became one of Bolinao's tourist attraction and was also with us during the span of the visit. It's not all the time that guests are given a tour guide especially during peak season like Summer.

Enchanted Cave will have a minimal price increase effective March 10, 2014. Prices are still reasonable considering that the place is really awesome!

I was greeted by Giant Clams at the entrance. These may look like carved stones but they are relics of real clams when the whole Enchanted Cave was still a water body.

Every space and angle at Enchanted Cave is heaven; especially if you are nature lover. I simply define it as "multiple tourists spots within 1 tourist attraction".

There are cottages on top of humongous corals  for visitors who would like to spend their nights away from home but still want to have that homey feeling.

These are camping-like hammocks; a good spot to rest on a lazy day.

Guess what you'll see after climbing a flight of stairs?

Tada!!! There's a man made pool on top of what seems to be a mini mountain.

The water that fall straight into the pool comes from this spring! Isn't it AMAZING?!

But of course, the climax of the visit is the Enchanted Cave itself. I was not able to give enough justice to the serenity of the cave because I was only using my Samsung tablet which does not have a built-in flash (my Sony camera that I use to capture photos for blogging purposes gave up a day before this trip). 

Stairs going down to the Enchanted Cave

Interior view of Enchanted Cave. They were able to retain the "stalactite and stalagmite-like" features of it. I think what was only added were the stairs going up and down the cave.

The tour guide told us that the water in the cave also comes from natural spring. It is so clean that you can even drink from it in the early morning before visitors come to visit and swim; which I dare not. LOL! You can just imagine how clear the water is seeing the corals at the bottom of the water! In my own opinion, after visiting Puerto Princesa 2 years ago, I think this is way better than the Underground River :)

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